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Below is a copy of the 2-Page PDF that explains
the entire program. You will get a personalized
copy with your name in the #1 Spot to advertise
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Real People Making REAL Money Online!


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Website Policies & Disclaimers: Terms Of Use | Earnings | Privacy
© 2015  All rights reserved.


Getting Started...

Member Support

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So, How Do You Get Started?

1. Download and Print the 2-Page "PDF File" from the previous webpage.

2. Follow the instructions on "Page 2" for making your payment.

3. Start Advertising! We give you the ads and the advertising resource we ALL are using - that's it!

Once you make your payment your marketing kit will be mailed out to you and you'll also receive access to the download page online. We will immediately get your webpage and 2-page pdf prepared so you can start advertising!

Ready to unleash the awesome cash leveraging power of The Power Of Four Program?

Then, just follow the instructions on the 2-Page PDF that you downloaded & printed!


Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: What are the products? A: The product is an exclusive Marketing Kit.
Q: How do I get paid? A: You receive commissions from the monitor of the program, Mountain Marketing, on the 1st & 3rd Friday of every month.
Q: Does this work world-wide? A: No, It's only available in the U.S. & U.S. Territories.
Q: Are there refunds? A: No, you will be given access to an exclusive program after you’ve paid. Only make your purchase when you have fully read & are confident with how our program works and what you will be doing.
Q: Can I purchase more than one? A: Yes, you can purchase as many Marketing Kits as you want, which will give you multiple positions.
Q: Can I to talk to someone about this. What’s the phone number? A: Yes, you can definitely talk to someone. Your sponsor left their contact details or you can call Gerald @ 904-428-8040.
Q: Where is the ad copy? A: The ad copy can be downloaded at TooDamnSimple.com. You'll get access to the members resource page once your payment is received.
Q: What is the ad copy? A: We have many image ads that you can use to post on BackPage, Social media, etc.
Q: Will I get a 1099 for income? A: No, you are an independent business owner. You are responsible for accounting your income and paying taxes.
Q: Am I guaranteed to make money with this program? A: No, we can never guarantee that you will make money. We advertise as a group to better our chances of getting responses from people to make sales, but that is all we are doing - bettering our chances. Please see the Earnings and Income Disclaimer below.