A SIMPLE System To Help YOU Earn Money Working-From-Home!

We've kept this whole thing very simple! So simple, that it only requires two steps for you to understand! In an attempt to keep with the "Simple" concept - we've limited the content here on the website so that you don't get confused or feel overwhelmed. The less questions you have the better for you and the better for us :)

Now, let's get to the 2 Simple Steps...

When you join there is one daily task you have to do and that's to Advertise!

Although we have brought this program "Online" to advertise - it is still an "Offline" program promoted through the mail, which many people are still promoting it that way. We just wanted to use the power and reach of the Internet to explode our incomes!

We are advertising online at and there are a few reasons why we advertise there and it's all a part of a strategy.

First, is a very popular Online Classified Ad Website, that gets a lot of traffic everyday! It is currently ranked the 385th most popular website in the U.S. and it is ranked 727th Globally according to That is HUGE! They get millions of visitors daily and the best part about it - It's FREE for us to advertise there!!!

Second, advertising is about Frequency - the more often people see our ads the better the chance we have of them responding to those ads. The purpose of advertising isn't necessarily to make a sale on the front-end. We advertise to get a sale or sign-up as the end result, but there is a little more going on during the advertising process. Advertising allows us to do a few important things... it lets us Brand ourselves and it lets people get to Know, Like and Trust us, which helps us to get those sales and sign-ups.

Ultimately - advertising is a "Popularity Contest"! We want to win that popularity contest by advertising as frequently and consistently as possible - and that is the key.

Another thing that happens when people see OUR advertisements is - Curiosity. Not initially for what our opportunity is about because they don't know anything about it yet - but, people become curious because they keep seeing OUR ads! I emphasize OUR ads because when people see that a whole bunch of people are involved they get curious as to why we are all advertising this opportunity and decide to look into it a little further. And that's when we "Hook'em!" Most people want to be a part of something that everyone else is a part of - and when they learn how simple & lucrative what we are doing is THEY JOIN!

So, that's what you'll be doing - Advertising. We make it very simple because we give you the ads and where to advertise them. It truly does not get any simpler than this!

Now this is the easy part, but it is important that people understand how this all happens.

First, let me say that it is okay to talk about the Money! I learned a while ago that most of the people looking to work from home don't start a home business because they are excited about pushing diet pills, health drinks, lotions, potions, water filters, phone cards, ebooks or ANY of that stuff.


So, we have no problem letting you know how you will make money and how the payments are sent out to you. Obviously, it is great to receive payments directly from your new sign-ups - but, we have a program that involves multiple commissions being paid out from each new sign-up. The folks at Mountain Marketing handle ALL of that for you! They receive the multiple payments that come in, organize them to go to the members that earned them and they send them out to you twice a month!

It's as simple as that!

In order to get started in our program you
have to use the 2-Page PDF from the person
who referred you here to sign-up - Thanks!

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